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Sterling Gateway, L.P.
Theodore (Ted) Kessler Sterling (1901-2001) was a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Law and Geology. Ted first visited the Valencia area in 1929 as a young intern with the Texas Oil Company (now Texaco).

In the late 1940’s as the assistant manager of land and leases for the Texas Company, Ted studied the Castaic area for future oil exploration and production. At that time the Texas Company was not interested in exploring the area so Ted soon after resigned and partnered with Real Estate Developer Paul W. Trousdale (Trousdale Estates) to pursue oil exploration in this area.

In 1951 Ted discovered the Castaic Hills Oil field. At the time, it was considered one of the largest oil discoveries in California. The overwhelming success of this discovery led Ted to take further interest in the area and resulted in the assemblage (completed in 1965) of +/- 320 acres of contiguous land that now abuts the Valencia Commerce Center. The Sterling Family has now owned the property for over 50 years!

In January 1999, Ted transferred the property into the STERLING GATEWAY Limited Partnership. The Limited Partnership assisted in protecting Ted’s majority Limited Partnership interest.  Ted Sterling passed away in May 2001, one month shy of his 100 birthday.

Ted’s majority limited partnership interest has now been passed to his two daughters, Jacqueline S. Williams and Hope S. Kelly as Co-Trustees of the Estate of Theodore K. Sterling. The sole General Partner of STERLING GATEWAY, L.P. is Robert “Hunt” Williams, Grandson of Ted Sterling. Hunt worked closely with Mr. Sterling and has managed the property for the family for over 10 years. Hunt processed and successfully completed the tentative parcel map and zone change for Parcel in 2000.

The STERLING GATEWAY property is located approximately one mile west of Interstate 5 at Hasley Canyon exit and approximately 1.5 miles north of Interstate 126 at Chiquito Canyon exit.

The Residential property currently consists of two separate legal parcels totaling +/- 213 acres.

Parcel I :
A portion of APN: 3271-005-024, +/- 104 acres.  This property is currently zoned A-2-2.
  • We propose 21 estate lots on this parcel.
  • The remaining portion (± 85 acres) to remain as natural open space.
  • We are not requesting any zone change on this parcel.
Parcel II :
APN: 3271-004-003, +/- 113 acres
This parcel is currently zoned U-1 & A1-1, which allows for residential development under the hillside management slope formula and density of 1.3 units to 3.3 units per acre. The property is located approximately ½ mile west of the intersection of Hasley Canyon Rd & Del Valle Road, and approximately 1.5 miles north of the Interstate 126 and the future Newhall Ranch Development which is planned for the future development of 21,000 homes.

It is the family’s goal to create a quality development that will serve as a lasting, long term legacy to Ted Sterling.

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