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Who is Sterling Gateway?
Sterling Gateway, L.P. is a California limited partnership formed in 1999 by Theodore (Ted) K. Sterling (1901-2001).
The majority Limited Partners are Ted’s daughters, Jackie Williams and Hope Kelly.
The General Partner of Sterling Gateway is Hunt Williams, grandson of Ted Sterling.
How long has Sterling owned this property?
Ted Sterling began to assemble this ± 325 acres of land in the early 1950’s.
How many homes are proposed?

The project proposes ± 254 single family home sites on ± 224 acres of land.This equals 1.13 lots per acre of land.

What are the lot sizes?

The lot sizes will range from a minimum of 7,000 Sq. Ft. to as large as 4.5 acres.  The average lot size for the project will be approx. 16,500 Sq. Ft.

What other things are proposed in the project?

The project proposes the additional uses to better serve the community: Active Community Park with Soccer Field, History Center, barbeque and picnic area and a small Commercial Center. Approximately ± 115 acres of the total ± 224 acres will remain as open space.

What is the (CSD)?

CSD is short for Castaic Area Community Standards District. The CSD amends Title 22-Planning and Zoning of the Los Angeles County Code to add the Castaic Area Community Standards District (“CSD”). The CSD establishes standards to protect the rural character, unique appearance, and natural resources of the Castaic Area communities. The Standards also ensure that new development on the area will be compatible with existing neighborhoods and with the goals of the Santa Clarita Valley Area Plan

Does the Sterling-Green Valley Ranch comply with the “CSD”?
Yes, the project will exceed the requirements prescribed by the “CSD”.   The Project was approved by the Castaic Area Town Council – Land Use Committee on November 7, 2005.
What is the timing of this project?
It is estimated that it will be 3 to 5 years before construction can begin
How will this project impact the existing Val Verde Community?
The full impact of this project must be determined through the preparation and approval of an Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”).
What is an EIR Report?

An EIR considers and evaluates every aspect of the project and its impact on all aspects of the surrounding community. This would includes (but not limited to), Traffic, sewer, water, schools, law enforcement, geology, archeology, biology etc.
An EIR must be prepared, submitted and approved by Los Angeles County prior to project approval.
The Project will be required to mitigate impacts on the existing community and infrastructure.

How long does it take to complete the EIR?


The EIR will take approximately 18 months to 24 months to complete.

What benefits does the project provide to the existing community?

The project with provide much needed Improvements & benefits to the Val Verde Community:
ACTIVE COMMUNITY PARK: Sterling Gateway has agreed to donate the land and construct the improvements at no cost to the existing Val Verde Community.
COMMERCIAL CENTER: The project proposes a small neighborhood commercial center to serve the needs of the Val Verde Community.
SEWER SYSTEM: The project will require Sterling to bring a sewer system to the Val Verde. The sewer system will be sized to allow for connection to existing Val Verde residents.
REALIGNED AND RECONSTRUCTED DEL VALLE ROAD: The project proposes to redesign and rebuild Del Valle Road. In addition to straightening out and removing dangerous curves, the elevation of the road will be lowered and two (2) “Roundabouts” will be added to reduce the speed of traffic in and out of Val Verde.

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