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To help satisfy the demand for housing while contributing much needed services, such as sewers to the community, the Green Valley Ranch project will offer 254 single family homes on 224 acres next to the existing community of roughly 1,500 homes. The Project will also include 100 acres of open space and a park. The land was purchased by Theodore Sterling in 1949, an oil prospector who has passed. Mr. Sterling transferred the property into the STERLING GATEWAY Limited Partnership. The majority limited partners are Ted's two daughters, Jacqueline S. Williams and Hope S. Kelly as Co-Trustees of the Estate of Theodore K. Sterling. The sole General Partner of STERLING GATEWAY, L.P. is Robert "Hunt" Williams, Grandson of Ted Sterling. Green Valley Ranch currently consists of two separate legal parcels totaling 224 acres.
Parcel I-TTM 62000
A portion of APN: 3271-005-024, 104 acres. This is the remaining portion of the approved Tentative Parcel Map & Zone Change 20983. This property is zoned A-2-2 and shall remain the same.
We propose 21 estate lots with minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet and average lot size of 35,000 square feet. The majority of parcels ( 86 acres) will remain as natural open space.

Parcel II-TTM 60257
APN: 3271-004-003,+/- 113 acres
This parcel is currently zoned U-1 & A1-1, which allows for residential development under the hillside management slope formula and density of 1.3 units to 3.3 units per acre. Per the recently adopted Community Standards District (CSD), we proposed a zone change to RI - 10,000 (7,000 square feet minimum and 10,000 average).
The property is located approximately mile west of the intersection of Hasley Canyon Rd & Del Valle Road, and approximately 1.5 miles north of the Interstate 126 and the future.

We are also proposing to donate and build a 5.9 acre park (Sterling Park) and 18,000 square feet of a Commercial Center.
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